Friday, 11 December 2015

Paihia, New Zealand - Bikes, Girls, and Goodbyes

My plan today was to hitchhike from Ferry Landing, into Russell, then take the ferry over to Paihia, where I will be spending one night.

So I get up shortly after 7 and I hear and see no one else.  I eat, make coffee, and do two of the three S.  Shit, Shave and Shower.  Can you guess which one I didn't do?

However, I was wrong about no one being awake.  The crazy Charlie woke up minutes before me and went jogging?!
"this new fad called jogging. I believe its 'jogging' or 'yogging', it might be a soft 'J', I'm not sure. But apparently you just run for an extended period of time."

Now that I understand what jogging is, she tells me they are going into town and I can tag along.  Sweet! I don't have to put any effort into getting a ride.  I like this.  And don't forget I barley know these young girls and they are giving me a ride.

Just before we are about to leave, Andrea's x husband pulls up in a vintage, perfectly restored Honda CB 400, GP bike.  I tell him its cool and she says.  Come to my house, I can show you a few more I have in my living room.

Obviously I am not going to say no.  A man with a bike in his living room.  I see BFFs in our near future.

He shows me 3 more bikes, all as cool as his CB, but 1 is a true GP bike.  He also tells me he went to Isle of Man and has a video.  We watch the video and lose track of time.  I am sure the girls are wondering if I got lost.

He and I head back to the hostel, where the girls are ready to jet.  I say goodbye to Andrea and her X.  I will miss Andrea.  She is such a sweet lady and we had some fun times.

Her hostel is here.

Charlie, Emma and I head into town where we exchange contact information and I say goodbye to another couple of great friends.

Essex girls are cool, no matter what we hear :)

A short ferry ride and I am in Paihia.

Check in to the hostel and am now just finishing my day.

Thank you world, for once again showing how amazing people are!


  1. You know, if you smiled in your pics, we may not recognize you!

    1. I am concentrating. Taking selfies is not easy for an old man!