Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kiwi bird on the Tapeka Trek

In the morning, I am having a coffee with Jodi.  She wants to interview me for her Humans of Whangarei facebook page.  Of course this is a yes and we do the short interview.  After she offers me a ride to the bus station, where she is going to take a photo of me for the article.

Ferry Landing Hostel

I never knew I was so interesting.  I always knew I was pretty and people always make excuses to take pictures with or of me. J But an article about me, Pretty cool!

Please check out the post here.

Getting out of Jodi’s car, I see her clock isn’t correct and must point this out. Lol.  Jodi responds, “When I bought the car, it was set to that time, and I don’t know how to change it!”  This gives me great ammo to tease her and let her know that is a normal girl response.  I knew I should have changed all of the clocks in her house before leaving. J Just teasing!

Jodi is an amazing human being and I will miss our conversations, and her funny little kids.  I saw good bye to another new friend!


I take the bus up to Opua Hill, and walk down to the ferry.  It is only $1, and ends right where my hostel is.

This is the friendliest hostel I have been in so far.  The owner Andrea is such an outgoing sweet lady and right away offers me a ride into town, so I can get supplies.

We arrive 15 minutes later in the small town of Russell.  It is only 1 street long, and is really nice.  I walk around and book a Dolphin site seeing cruise for tomorrow, while she is getting some grocers.


After she gives me a tour of the area and suggest I do the Tapeka Trek.  She said she will visit her parents and wait for me.

I don’t know why, but I am still surprised how nice people are.

The trek is hard, but worth it.  I even see a Kiwi bird.  No one believes me and says it was a Weka.  After we review the video and they are all right. It is a Weka.

Check out the video on my YouTube channel.
When we get back Andrea introduces me to all of the current travellers.  There is Alex from France, who is woofing his way across NZ, and Sebastian the German, who is here focused on hiking, camping, etc.  Both guys are really nice and we spend dinner talking about our travels.

After dinner, we hear an 18 year old girl hiker is arriving soon.  I quickly offer half my bed; however, this doesn’t work out.  When she arrives she wished to have her own bed.

Kerry tells us, she is from Holland and she is walking across NZ.  It is a 5 month trek.  I tell her she is young and NUTS!  I guess her family and friends agree. Lol.  She is a super sweet girl.

That night the four of us continue our conversations, and I tease all of them about where they are from.  French are only known for smoking and being in love, Germans are always serious, never smile, and the Dutch are to high on weed, and cheese to be mean.

Kerry tells a pretty good joke about Americans.  I am going to share this joke for my close USA friends J

“What do Canada, USA, and Mexico not have in common?”, “The USA has nice neighbors!”

Another great day meeting new people!

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