Thursday, 3 December 2015

Auckland to Ruawai

7 am I awake and Imran is already up and getting his kids ready for school.  He makes us tea, I have a quick shower, and then we are on our way to downtown Auckland.  Imran is a software developer also and works not far from my bus stop.  So I get a free ride.  He is a pretty awesome guy.

The night before I book the NakedBus to Brynderwyn, I will have to find a way from Brynderwyn to Ruawai when I get there.

We arrive downtown around 9 am and I say goodbye and thank you to a new friend.

My bus doesn’t leave until 1 pm, so I dropped off my bags at the information place.  They have bag storage for $5.  Well worth not having to carry them around.

Other than the harbor, Auckland looks like every other city.  Lots of people, malls, shops etc.

While sitting on a bench enjoying my view of the harbor, some crazy Christian man sits beside me and tell me all the good stuff about Jesus and god.  After about 10 minutes I nicely said, goodbye.  This lasts 5 minutes and 2 New Zealand well dressed city representatives ask me if we can have a talk about what makes a community worth living in.  Why not, I have another hour to waste.  They ended up being very patient with my never direct answers.  J lol.

Well it is 1 pm, I am on the bus and ready to head up north to Brynderwyn.  A few pics below of a fun ride.  It wasn't raining, just tinted scratched windows on the bus.

So here is where I want to explain to people about always being nice, even when you want to slap someone.

When I was waiting to get on the bus, two ladies were being a bit pushy for no real reason.  I remember thinking I wanted to ask them if I was in their way, but I reminded myself.  This journey is about meeting people and learning to always be kind. So instead I turned to them an asked if they would like to go ahead of me, I am in no rush.  This paid off in full only 2 hours later.

We arrived in Brynderwyn, one of the ladies from before gets off ahead of me.  I also noticed we are in the middle of nowhere.  There is nothing, it is just an intersection where two roads meet.  I decided to ask her if there is any way to get to Ruawai from here.  She says no, but you seem so nice. I will give you a ride there.  Her husband who was picking her up agrees.  See, being nice in all situations is better.  I am already proving it.

During our 25 minute commute to Ruawai I get a chance to talk Cynthia and her husband Alan about New Zealand, the area I am going too and places I should see.  We had a great ride.

They drop me off right at the hostel door and I say goodbye to another couple of new friends, Cynthia and Alan.  Thanks for the ride!

The hostel door is wide open and there is a sign that reads, “Come in, find a room, and come see us at the gas station.”  Hmm friendly people.

While checking in I noticed I am the only person in the hostel, and the owners inform me, the entire town only has internet at the Cafe, which closes at 4 pm.  It is currently after 4.

I am starving so I walk into the main strip, which is 6 stores.  They all close at 4 pm except the grocery store.  I grab some bananas and a NZ beer (Mac’s Great White Cloudy Wheat Ale).  Finally, I will have a beer. Mmmmm.

I forgot to mention, even the Bar/Pub was closed at 5 pm.

Check out some of the funny pictures of this town. 
A vet clinic that sells meat (surgeries that went bad, still make a profit).  

A closed police station.

Another great day travelling!

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