Sunday, 29 November 2015

Traveling to New Zealand

7 AM EST. I woke up a bit too early, and ate my free breakfast at the holiday inn.  After that I repacked to see what I could get rid of to make my packs a bit lighter.

12 PM EST. My mom and Jack pick me up and we headed to the Ottawa airport.  I think we arrived around 1:30pm.  Nothing to exciting, I checked in, got my tickets to Toronto and Los Angeles.  My original layover was Chicago, but it was changed to Toronto.
The security check and wait to leave the airport was rather quick. 

4 PM EST. We left on time, and landed about 1 hour later in Toronto, with a 2 hour layover.

5:30 PM EST. Here is where the fun begins.  When I land, I find out I have to go through USA customs, and security.  I have never had to do this when commuting through the USA.  Normally we just cannot leave the international area of the airports.  However, it was quick and somewhat painless.  An odd setup though. 
Step 1, scan your passport on first computer,
Step 2, answer questions on computer 2,
Step 3, wait in line to talk to USA custom minion.  Who basically said, “You are going through USA to NZ!” “Yes”, “OK, good bye”. 
Step 4, security check number 2.

So I made it through USA customs, and now only waited 20 minutes to board the plane.  Without luck, someone left their carry on in the terminal.  Security stopped the plane and found the butt head that left it. They then empty all checked baggage from the plane until they found that persons bags and then rescanned them.  Little over an hour later, we were clear to leave.  I was a little worried I would not make my flight in Los Angeles because I also had to get a new plane ticket, which I had no idea where I was going to do this.

3 AM EST. Landed in Los Angeles.  The flight was just under 6 hours and wasn’t too bad.  I think I slept for a bit.

I couldn’t find Air Tahiti, so I asked one of the air port helpers and she tells me to left, go up to the second floor.  I go left and it only goes down and to the outside.  Luckily, I see another air port helper and I ask her.  She tells me I have to go outside and walk from terminal 2 to terminal b, and she also says.  Run, its a long walk.  Uhhhh.

Walk walk walk, I made it and I find air Tahiti counter. Got my ticket, and score me, I have to go through security, number 3.

Security was rather quick for the amount of people and I am at my gate.  They are already loading, so I take a look at my seat number and see the girl switch it when she printed my ticket.  I booked the second last row because it was empty, as of 10 hours ago.  I decided to ask if I can get my original seat back, and they tell me it is not available.  Dammit, this is a 9 hour flight.  The guy says he has a better seat anyways and he was right.  I got a row of 3 to myself. 

7 AM Tahiti December 1.  The 9 hour flight was good.  I slept a lot and watched some TV.  Air Tahiti was by far the besting hosting flight I have been on.  They severed dinner and then breakfast 2 hours before we landed.

Too my surprise I have to go through security again, number 4.  I am not a pro at taking off my shoes and belt, and butting them back on.

The terminal in Tahiti is amazing, check out the picture below.  It was mostly open with palm trees, comfy seating, live music and even a crab walking on the asphalt.   

Oh yea, and it was frigging HOT!!! 30 degrees.

9 AM Tahiti. We leave for Auckland and I even have the same 3 seats to myself.

1 AM Auckland.  5 hours later, I am Auckland and it is now just after noon the next day.  I am officially 18 hours ahead of my family.

Customs was really fast.  I thought in about 10 minutes.  My checked bag was one of the first off of the belt, and then I went through biohazard check.  This was again fast, maybe 15 minutes.

 I AM HERE!!! 30 Hours later.


  1. And NZ will never be the same again ...